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Workshop with Lauren Yee | 

In April 2016, I was asked to participate in a week-long workshop event with playwright, Lauren Yee. With funding from the Dramatists Guild Fund, Tradewind Arts Asian American Artists brought Lauren Yee to Kansas City. During her visit, I served as Dramaturg for the workshop of an in-progress play of Yee's. I was also on a panel--The World of a Play (Q&A)--with Yee and other Kansas City artists. Also, Yee was gracious to join us as our Guest Speaker for the Kansas City Dramaturgy Open Office Hours Project.



Services | 

As a dramaturg, I can provide services ranging from script reading, script formatting, script analysis, and working directly with playwrights. I have worked with local and regional theatre and various playwrights. I can also assist with meeting submission guidelines and deadlines. My goal is to serve the playwright and the play in order to craft a clear story. I am also an active member of the Literary Managers and Dramaturgs of the Americas, since 2013.




If you would like to see specific dramaturgical packets, feel free to email me.




Services | 

I have a background in stage management and in student affairs. Those roles require excellent organization and strong communication skills. I have developed and hosted trainings and managed productions and spaces for events. 


I also organized and co-hosted the Kansas City Editon of The Dramaturgy Open Office Hour Project that was highlighted in American Theatre. We also wrote an article about it for


Services | 

As a teacher and artist, I have curated events in schools, universities, and theatres. I have done guest lectures on a wide range of topics and I have hosted dramaturgical talks to speak to and with audiences about the artistic event and experience.

Recently (fall 2017) I created an interactive timeline of the Vietnam War for Kansas City Public Television (KCPT). You can check it out here.



Services | 

In my work and research, I have lead and assisted with archival projects. I have helped my father to create his Vietnam War archive through my dissertation and through helping him to tell his story. At the Unicorn Theatre, I assisted with the new archival system are being put into place. Also, I was the Team Leader for Missouri Team in the Midwest Region for the American Theatre Archive Project (ATAP), before moving to Kentucky.

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